No more hot seats!

Have you ever gone to a beautiful afternoon game only to find your seat has been cooking in the sun?  Do you inch your way onto the seat, continuing to peel your legs off the sticky, sweaty plastic throughout the game? Maybe you sit on your sweatshirt only to find it bunched under the seat in a puddle of beer and peanuts? We have and we say "No more!"

Sunseat feels like your favorite sweatshirt and stays attached with a simple toggle. It even comes with an attached stuff bag. Use it, stuff it and throw the whole thing in the wash when you get home.

Protect your bum from the sun and enjoy the game in comfort with a patent-pending Sunseat!

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  • 100% Cotton

    100% cotton is breathable and comfortable against your skin. No polyester here!

  • Packable

    Not big and bulky like most seat covers. Fits in a small bag or purse. With most stadiums limiting size of items, this is the ideal solution.

  • Manufactured in the USA

    Made in Sunny California. No waiting for over seas shipping. We are also able to visit our manufacturer to ensure a quality product is being made.

  • Give Back

    A percentage of every sale supports girls in sports. Why? According to "A Girls" Index™ Impact Report" in 2018, "girls who play sports report higher levels of confidence at all ages"! That's a good enough reason for us.

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  • "Was very comfortable and kept me from sliding in the seat from sweat."

    - Leslie B.

  • "It keeps your legs from getting burned on the seat on a hot day and is more comfortable when wearing shorts on a plastic seat. It also provides some warmth on a cool day."

    - Sue H.

  • "Great fabric material."

    - Stacy C.

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How hot is that seat?

On an 80 degree day at a 1pm game, the seat registered 144 degrees Farenheit!! Who wants to sit on that? Not us! Protect your bum from the sun!

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How to put on your sunseat

About us

The Story of Two Friends & One Teenager

Sunseat started with a desire to wear a favorite pair of white shorts to a ball game...

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