About Us

The Story of Two Friends & One Teenager

Sunseat started with Shannon's desire to wear a favorite pair of white shorts to a ball game.  An idea was born for a reusable seat cover, but it had to  fit in a purse. Shannon didn't want another bulky item to keep track of during a game.  The idea was shared with a dear friend and avid sports fan, Megan, who said, “I think other people would want that too!  When you’re ready to do this, let me know.” Years spent dreaming and scouring the internet for a similar product led to a conversation between Shannon and her teenage son who said, “Mom, you’re just looking for a reason to not do this.  If you want to do it, just do it.”  Right you are, kid! The next day, Shannon called Megan and said, “I think I’m ready to do this. Are you in?”

Two brains came together that day, one creative and one business, and we started learning everything there was to know about making things, building a business, and filing a patent.  How do you make it? How do you find a manufacturer? How do you open a business account? There was so much to learn!  One pandemic and two years later, we are still learning every day!  We’re getting comfortable with mistakes.  Failure is not a word we use. “Failure” is an end. “Mistake” is a turning point; a chance to learn and try again!  Success is seeing others enjoy the game in comfort.  Success is wearing white shorts to a game.  Success achieved!

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